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Our Mission

XL Coaching focuses on saving  military marriages with personalized and proven step by step strategies and accountability. 

Our coach


Brent  Joslin

Coach Brent Joslin 

Military Marriage Coach 

You matter.  What you do matters. Your marriage matters. 

Your personalized marriage strategies are awaiting you.

It's time to SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE while you still can.


With 28 years coaching experience, Brent Joslin is a multi-certified Personal and Relationship  Coach ready to help you get your life and marriage back.


Breakthrough your limiting beliefs and Excel in life, personally and maritally.

Click below to Schedule  YOUR Complimentary  CALL on my calendar.

Brent Joslin:

  • Author: 5 Ways to Conquer Deployment Stress

  • Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach - Ziglar Inc.

  • Knowledge Business Broker - Dean Graziosi/ Anthony Robbins

  • 48 Days Certified Coach -  Dan Miller

  • Dave Ramsey Certified Master Financial Coach -  Ramsey Solutions

  • SYMBIS Certified Assessment Facilitator

  • Prepare/Enrich Certified Facilitator 

  • Substance Use Disorder Certified Counselor -  CADTP

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